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720 Degree Angle Kitchen Faucet

720 Degree Angle Kitchen Faucet

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1. Universal rotation of 720 degrees to produce water;
2. It is more convenient to wash your face and gargle;
3. Two outlet methods;
4. Oxygen-enriched foam, excellent water quality, splash-proof;
5.4 layers of filter screen to remove impurities;
6. Two-layer gasket seal, no water leakage

Product information:
Name: Universal Bubbler
Material: brass core, ABS
Surface treatment: electroplating
A: V-type universal double-gear bubbler-24 external wire feed wrench, adjustable up and down to a large angle
B: V-type universal double-gear bubbler-22 internal wire-feeding wrench, adjustable up and down angles

Sprinkle, soak in water

Installation guide:
1. Disassemble the original bubbler and measure the size
2. Select the appropriate connector, put in the gasket and tighten it (24 external connections do not have this step)
3. Put the gasket on the main interface and tighten it
4. Rotate to the right to tighten
5. Water connection debugging, installation is complete

Internal thread + adapter universal

Package Contents:
1 * faucet

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