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Mambobaby Waist Float

Mambobaby Waist Float

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The World’s Safest Baby Float

Mambobaby Float

Suitable from 3 months to 2 years, the Mambobaby float is perfect for the beach or pool. This is a safe and fun introduction to the water for little ones. You can position infants on their backs and allow them to take in their surroundings or position them on their tummies and encourage them to kick and paddle. 

The button lock and safety harness ensure duel protection. The harness and crotch support can be adjusted for extra comfort and to avoid slipping and flipping forwards.

No need to inflate, just use it when you have it, save time and effort, don’t leak and improve your baby’s swimming safety.


  • Age suitability :  3 months to 2 years (children under 18 kg) and TPU Flower  :  3 months to 3 years (children under 24 kg).
  • Dimensions :  3 D cover : H : 48.5cm (21.9inch) x W: 46.5cm (18.3inch) and  TPU cover : H : 50.5cm (23.9inch) x W: 48.5cm (21.9inch) and TPU Flower : L : 56.5cm 
  • Weight limit : 6 – 18kgs MAX (12 – 40 lbs)
  • Health and safety :

This product will not prevent against drowning. It must be used under constant supervision from an adult. Hand wash with mild detergent, do not scrub or brush. Store the product in a cool dry place after use. This product must be kept away from high temperatures and sharp objects to avoid damage. 

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